Experience the breathtaking sunset view of Dubai on a luxury yacht with your loved ones. At Dreamz Xplora, we offer an unforgettable sunset sail package that combines both leisure and adventure. As your yacht departs from the harbor, you will witness the spectacular sunset from a different perspective, while the calming sounds of the Arabian sea will create a peaceful atmosphere.

Our sunset sail package is a must-try for those who seek adventure and relaxation. Even if you are new to this, our experienced staff will guide you throughout the journey. The sunset cruise is a great experience that you will never forget.

Apart from the stunning views, we offer a range of engaging deals to make your yacht experience even more memorable. Our luxury yacht services come with unlimited food and drinks, entertainment and music, and a spacious and comfortable seating area. We also offer flexible hours, allowing you to choose the duration of your sunset sail.

Experience the grandeur of Dubai’s significant landmarks during the tremendous cruise ride, and capture the unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Book your sunset sail package with us now, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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